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President Trump is not perfect.

He is a flawed human being, like the rest of us. He has his strengths and weaknesses, like the rest of us.

But he has been smarter than any of the Democrats who have tried to take him down. He has been the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan, much to the relief of those of us who were unsure of him during the 2016 primaries.

Trump is not a politician. He brags, he boasts, he exaggerates and he promotes like a snake oil salesman, but he has not lied.

When he makes a promise, he keeps it.

Trump has not weakened the “free press”.

He has challenged it and exposed its bias and its lies.

I guess, in the mind of Democrats who want total control over society, that makes their propaganda machine “weak." There is more evidence of Democrats defrauding the election process than has ever been uncovered on President Trump, which is none.

Leave it to a liberal not to be able to make a distinction between illegal and legal immigration.

The rest of Mr. Melton’s Sept. 1 rant is a sad demonstration of Trump derangement syndrome. Very little of it has any basis in reality or fact and only his first sentence was accurate.

Bill Fitch, Kerrville

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Richard Hough

The Democratic Party can't condemn all the rioting, looting & burning that is going on in many cities right now because these people are supports of the Democratic Party. The Democrats can't condemn the actions of their own constituents. What they are saying is if you do not vote Democratic we will continue rioting, looting & burning. The obvious conclusion is that the Democratic Party is the party of mob rule and the Republican Party is the party of Law & Order.

Richard Hough

I agree that Trump is not perfect but he is a lot better than the alternative. Sure Trump says a lot of stuff I wish he did not say. But I agree with the major issues he stands for. You can add Law and Order to my previous list. of differences between the two parties.


GENE here: law and order? seriously? from the most corrupt president and admnistration in our history. from a man that encourages armed people to act as vigilantes. do you remember George Wallace? our first law and order candidate.

by every standard of measurement, trump is a disaster.

Robert Fritz

Mr. Hough is obviously watching to many news outlets like Fox news who have a hard time engaging in the Truth. The Trump administration is a cult following based on lies, distortion of the facts, and abhorrent behavior by its leader. This is not a law and order administration. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing. This draft dodger who disparaged our military vets and fallen hero's has disgraced our White House. This former republican and veteran will be voting for Biden. Not perfect but at least he is a man we can trust to bring us back to a sense of normalcy.


GENE here: ella, i have given many examples of trumps lies. you can actually do your own homework as fact check sites can lay out over 20k for you, just for starters. but lets do a recent example: he lied about the corona virus. yeah, I know, heroically he was trying to prevent panic (and think about what a disdainful opinion he must have of the average american to think we would panic when told the truth). so lets give him the benefit of the doubt as to motive-he still lied and lied repeatedly. he also set the mask-anti-mask fight as ignorant people still think this is all a scam. but lets move to tarrifs. trump has said that we have bankrolled billions due to china paying the tariffs. but we pay the tariffs, not china. how about trump creating the VA choice program when obama actually did it?

seriously? you actually ask for examples of his lies.

Richard Hough

I prefer to vote for a party philosophy rather than a individual.

The differences between Republican and Democratic parties are greater now than ever before.


1. Capitalism vs Socialism.

2. Small government vs large government.

3. Low taxes vs high taxes.

4. Less govt. regulation vs more govt. regulation.

5. More working vs more on welfare.

6. More immigration control vs less control.


For me the choice is clear.


GENE here: democrats are just as staunch capitalists as republicans.

The current republicans have increased the size and reach of govt undern trump.

Low taxes for whom? The already wealthy? How does that benefit our nation?

Depends on the regulation. Many regulations have been increased under trump, but environmental ones have been reduced.

Welfare rolls are pretty much dependent on the economy. Welfare rolls went way up under bush, then went down under obama, and and are now back up.

I will give you the last one partially

your choice is an illusion. Be for who you want, but you are using false information to justify your choice.

Richard Hough

Gene, give me 3 examples of how Trump is fighting against things that has made this country great.


GENE here: relations with foreign nations, a killer national debt, a failed boycott of china (their exports went to 20% of the world market up from 13%) with american consumers paying for it, furthering division and rancor among people, rejection of science, failed coronavirus response, tax bill that actually promoted off shoring, not to mention the daily bad examples he sets by his constant lying and bragging on himself. how's that for starters.

Now, why dont you tell me some of the good things he has done. And please leave out the VA hospital choice since that was done before he took office.

Ella Carter

Gene -please give examples of the constant lies and proof to back up your statement. I am asking for facts and not your interpretation of the facts please. I doubt this comment will get published since the Daily Times leans left, but I keep my hopes up.


GENE here: and I will add another response, though many of my posts dont get posted: the worst thing trump is doing is using govt. institutions to his own end. just recently it came out that the CDC is being pressured to provide false info to make trump look good regarding his lame virus response. a more dangerous example is the suppression of information about the dangers of white supremacist groups-which have been labeled as terrorist organizations. the doj is busy trying to convince us that BLM followers are going to kill us all after they burn our cities and invade our suburbs, while being helped with an organization (antifa) that really isnt an organization. he has also urged white supremacist groups to go help the police and put down the rioters, thus encouraging vigilante movements. the subversion of truth to push an agenda is pure fascism. it also destroys the faith in govt. institutions as the majority of Americans know that they are lying. so we are inundated with the fear messages, we are told that liberals want to destroy america, that you cant trust people with education as gut instinct is far better, that science really isnt science, but some giant plot, and on and on and on. so we have both the destructions of ideals such as truth and acceptance, as well as the destruction of the economy through really short sighted actions, some of which are designed to harm his 'enemies'.


GENE here: trump is fighting against the things that made this country great.

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