During a community-update broadcast by the city of Kerrville on Nov. 20, Kerrville ISD Superintendent Mark Foust said there are 25 active cases of COVID-19 among students and staff. 

Foust said there was no truth to a rumor that all campuses were going to close, and said “there’s not any strong evidence that schools are super-spreader locations.” He said masks and cleaning protocols are “making a tremendous difference” at Kerrville ISD, where 4,800 students and 700 employees interact with one another on multiple campuses daily.

“We do not want any cases of COVID-19 in our community, but at the same time, we feel confident our mitigation strategies are working,” Foust said.

Foust said in-person teaching is best and district staff have been doing “incredible work” in keeping everyone safe.

On Nov. 19, Kerrville ISD released the following statement:

With the rise in cases of Covid-19 recently we have had questions from parents regarding rumors of KISD closing all schools for the remainder of the semester.

KISD does not intend to close any schools after our holiday next week.

We continue to monitor positive case data in our community and on our campuses. The current data shows the incredible efforts of our faculty and staff are working and we have documented very few examples of Covid-19 spread on campus. Although the number of Covid-19 positive active cases has risen on some campuses, none of our campuses have reached the self-imposed thresholds to temporarily close our schools for deep cleaning.

After 13 weeks of data, we feel confident that our mitigation strategies and Herculean efforts of staff are working. We will continue to safely teach our students in person. Thank you for your ongoing support of our KISD faculty, staff and schools.

If you have a minute before we go on holiday, please send a quick positive word to a teacher or campus staff member; I know they would love to hear from you.

Please have a safe Thanksgiving!


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