When Callie Escovedo was admitted to the Texas Children's Hospital in July after suffering a stroke, doctors there said she faced a long road to recovery and would likely be in the hospital for nearly a year. 

Escovedo, 12, has defied the odds and is back home in Kerrville after undergoing a second brain surgery on Sept. 2. Escovedo, who is seventh grader at Peterson Middle School, was sent home by doctors on Sept. 9. 

"They assessed her and sent her home," said Escovedo's grandmother, Regina Sullivan. "She's doing good." 

Sullivan is the first to caution that Escovedo still faces a long road to recovery, but her return home was a positive for the family. 

"Her dad still has a week off of work to be with her," Sullivan said. 

Escovedo suffered a massive strong toward the end of July that required her to be taken by airplane from San Antonio to Houston, where she underwent her first brain surgery. Doctors said she was suffering from a rare brain disorder called MoyaMoya disease. 

While she was hospitalized, doctors also discovered she was suffering from a rare kidney disorder and began to fight it aggressively with medication. If untreated it could cause kidney failure. 

Sullivan said that her granddaughter does face extensive and exhausting outpatient therapy for the next year, but she's encouraged that she's home in Kerrville with her parents and siblings. 

In an ongoing effort to help defray the massive expenses related to Escovedo's hospitalizations, a barbecue fundraiser will be held from 11 a.m. to until their sold out of chopped beef on Sept. 26 at First Assembly of God, 901 Jefferson St. Each to-go plate is $10 and other donations will be helpful to the family. 

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