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I would like to echo Bill Morgan’s opinion letter .  As a senior citizen, I too would prefer to have the option of receiving medication or treatment which “could”, or even “might” be able to prevent me from having to go into the ER after my symptoms became worse.  I too, would prefer to be able to exercise my first amendment rights as to which type of treatment I am to receive and not be required to rely on FDA or State Board rules.  Do State Board “rulings” outweigh our individual rights to the treatment we want or need?  I also hope that those doctors who treat us will stand by us especially if the oath they took when becoming doctors was given willingly and in good conscience.


Mary Olden, Kerrville


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Mary B. Olden

Mary here: If the therapeutic protocols currently being used by some physicians had "no proven effectiveness" then I would agree, but I don't believe that's the case. Below is a quote from one patient you might find of interest, and this is only one of many.


Self-verified patient of Dr. Richard P Bartlett - Posted on July 27th, 2020

My daughter had suffered with Covid-19 for 15 days and was not getting better, she saw a video on Facebook when Dr Bartlett was interviewed in Dallas and she had her doctor prescribe Budesonide and the next day her fever, headache and nausea was gone and a few days she was back to normal, thanks to Dr. Bartlett for telling people about this treatment


GENE here: once again my yesterday post not posted, so to speak. the drug you mentioned is a steroid that has anti-inflammatory effect, among others. it is often used to open up airways. if this child was sick for 15 days, then she was near the end of the infection, on average. not unusual that she might get well in a few days, and that the injection did ease her breathing and allergy response.


GENE here: I would prefer not to receive a medication that has no proven effectiveness and that might harm me, no matter how slight the value of harm. Insurance companies are paying out hundreds of millions for covid care. If they felt that there was cheap and simple cure, dont you think they would be all over it?

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