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The Tivy Antlers completed their tennis season at home against Alamo Heights Tuesday evening at the HEB Tennis Center.

Tivy had a tough time Tuesday as Alamo Heights was able to win most of the matches in Boys Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Boys Singles and Girls Singles.

In Girls Doubles, the combination of Lexi Harrel and Shayna Meek defeated Eva Hartnett and Stefanie L. by the score of 4-3.

Sara Bowers and Makayla Foster lost to G. Benton and Lindy Sauer 4-0.

Grace Carlson and Marlowe Chalfant lost to Lizzie Green and Ara Satel 1-3.

In Boys Doubles, Ernest Chedzoy and Trei Gohlke lost 2-1 to Robert Hunt and Balin Porter.

Andrew Hamil and Alex Tran lost 2-3 to Mako Meloar and Noah Sutin.

Cooper Cockrill and Noah Grmella lost 1-2 to Marco Nilsson and Stephen Zamerano.

Tivy was swept in Singles play for both girls and boys.

Tivy’s season is over this year.

Tivy Coach Kirk Kniffen said, “Alamo Heights is tough and probably the best team in the district.”

Kniffen said he is looking forward to next season.

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