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The U.S. Postal Service has more than money problems. Can you afford a $100,000 car? Can you afford the USPS? If you are unable to afford the $100,000 car, you simply find an affordable car that serves you purpose. Is the USPS run by the federal government, or is the federal government run by the USPS? Apparently both need a tune-up. Why does it take eight days for a letter from Florida to be delivered to Hunt.

As the son of a Houston labor union representative, it is difficult to ask if perhaps most of the reluctance to reform lies within the union? Why are our congressmen afraid of the post office officials? Close one-half the offices, deliver only Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Triple the postage rates. It needs to be fixed or we get a six-cylinder Studebaker and take the USPS private.

Jim Evans, Hunt

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Ingrid Kulbeth

As regards the United States Postal Service, I disagree with Ms. Shelton: slow delivery has been around a good while. As for Mr. Evans; I agree with his estimation of the USPS. It needs a 'transfusion' or something! Recently I had a bad experience with the post office. A company I do business with mailed me a legal document for my records. This document was mailed on the first week of September. I am still waiting for this document. We have talked, the company that mailed the document & the post office. Apparently, a letter mailed in Kerr County going to someone in Kerr County is sent to San Antonio first...what!? Why? So now that I have a document floating around central Texas somewhere with PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in it & in the wrong hands my identity can be stolen. I have notified the credit agencies and I have joined their program to safeguard my identity. It's costing me $24.99 a month & includes all 3 credit bureaus. Needless to say, but I will say it anyway:

I will not be voting by mail.

Ingrid Kulbeth, Ingram


GENE here: I think the problem is that congress made the post office pre-fund all its retirement programs, the only business in the US to have to do that. you get a great deal with the PO, and I will point out that the slow delivery started under trump.

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