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I will attempt to address some of the comments about Belew being insensitive, callousness and consistently used race as a provocation for his radio program. 

First, look for Justice for George Floyd:  Police are our society’s sheepdogs who protect us from the wolves among us.  No civilized society can tolerate a sheep dog that bites on the sheep, other sheep dogs, or even the wolves once the latter are in custody.   Regardless of George Floyd’s rap sheet arrest, (longtime criminal, ex-con, and drug abuser – Belew referred to Floyd as a “thug and petty criminal” how would you describe him?)  the police were responsible for his safety once he was handcuffed and on the ground, and this duty of care was apparently not fulfilled.  Disciplinary action and criminal charges are therefore entirely appropriate based on what we currently know.   Floyd had extreme heart disease and had taken pot, amphetamine, and fentanyl. Each of those, when coupled with stress or unconsciousness, was enough to kill him, even absent police wrongdoing. 

   Have we stopped to consider, however, that much of the “Justice for George Floyd” movement is based on the totally unproven proposition that what happened to him was racially motivated?  I have yet to see any evidence of a racial motive, and two of the officers involved are not Caucasian.  Maybe Floyd gave Chauvin trouble and he reacted with excessive force while getting his companions to support his auctions, or at least do nothing to intervene.  The motives of the arresting officers do not make what happened right.  Polices, procedures, and training need to be reviewed and changed to ensure that similar incidents do not happen in the future.  The Left’s race card should however be declined until such time as it is proven that Chauvin’s actions were racially motivated.  

The Daily Times mentioned “Black Lives Mattered (BLM).”  BLM is nothing but domestic terrorists.  If we believe the liberal news media’s framing of the narrative for the last week of violence, arson, looting, and personal injury, it was caused by police who murdered an innocent and unarmed black man because of “systemic racism,” and a valiant group of freedom fighters from BLM rose up to protest peacefully, showing white American the error of our ways. That’s the fantasy anyway. 

The reality is that BLM intimidates, terrorizes and uses violence to achieve its goals. 

I have known Harley Belew several years and found him to be a Christian, a patriot, definitely not a racist, and am honored to be his friend. I loved the Bible Verse quoted (Isa. 1:17) in Opinion, please ponder on this one “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; -- Isa. 5:20.

Lamar Kimble, Kerrville 


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gene again. as to Belew, he is no patriot. he endlessly pushes end;ess conspiracy theories that are easily debunked. so tell me, what is patriotic about efforts to rile people up with false information? I see nothing patriotic about that, nor is his endless name calling patriotic.

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