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The Kerrville City Council got a hint of some good news financially, and a whiff of some positive news in maintaining the Kerrville Municipal Airport without a major hit to the city's bottom line. 

During Tuesday night's City Council meeting, Chief Financial Officer Amy Dozier told the council that the city's coronavirus-impacted budget is still trending for about a $1.5 million loss, but that it's still better than city staff had expected. 

Part of that improved situation was due to better-than-expected sales tax revenue. However, the city is still seeing soft returns on its calls for emergency and ambulance services. Dozier noted that revenue from its emergency services is down 31% compared to June of 2019. 


Airport officials said they've been able to maintain the city and Kerr County-owned airport without having to take infusions from the two local governments — like they did in previous years. 

However, there was a suggestion that there could be some repair expenses in the coming months and years that will need to be addressed. Also hinted at was the closely-guarded development of an aerospace or avionics firm that is expected to move into the airport sometime in the near future. 

The presentation was made by Dr. Mark Mosier, president of the airport's board of directors. The City Council unanimously approved the budget. 


The City Council unanimously approved an extension of its March emergency declaration to manage the city during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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