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My name is Tom Terrell. I am a lawyer. My wife, Elaine, and I have lived here for over 40 years. We live right across Medina Heighway from Riverhill. We do not live in Riverhill.

First, about traffic. If I understand the facts correctly, this new housing project will contain 500 units and be built south of Riverhill, fronting on Medina Highway. 

If we want to go to, say, San Antonio, we routinely cut through from Medina Highway onto Riverhill Boulevard, then onto Bandera Highway.

Or, consider a person who lives in the new project and works at the VA hospital. They will, inevitably, cut through on Riverhill Boulevard. 

I am guessing the new project will triple the traffic through Riverhill. 

Now, with regard to tax rebates. It sounds like a free lunch, doesn’t it? It’s not. The rebate merely shifts the tax load to other taxpayers.

Thomas S. Terrell and Elain W. Terrell, Kerr County

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I am real sorry that Riverhill residents will bear some of the impact of increased traffic due to more development in their direction. Especially since many of these residents directly benefit from the resulting development in our city while not complaining about the developments outside the Riverhill area. Surprise folks, Kerrville is growing and we will all see increased traffic and inconvenience. It’s just your turn for a change. I would guess that it is time for Kerrville to do some really serious new road and widened roads thinking to handle what’s coming.


Fog, we agree there will be more traffic and more inconvenience from road construction, more crowds, more waiting in line, ....etc. What do we get in return? More Chinese junk retail goods like Hobby Lobby or more fried chicken or more payday loan sharks? Who wants to spend their golden years fighting traffic and dealing with this type of growth, which does nothing but inconvenience our retirement community. The idea that growth is always good is wrong.


Thank you your letter Mr. Terrell. I agree with your traffic concerns, as well as the ironic tax rebates. Unfortunately, traffic, quality of life, homeowner equity, fairness in taxing and a vision of greatness for Kerrville come in as a distant second in this decision. This is only about one thing and that is quick cash for the entrenched interests. If one connects the dots from the campaign to elect the real estate council, it is a straight line leading to this point in time. Until the voters take a good look at the folks that backed this new CC, and consider who they have backed in the past and resulting damage done to Kerrville, nothing will change. This is a done deal due to the large amount of cash which is going to the connected ones.

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