A woman said to have drunkenly discharged a handgun inside a Kerrville home on June 5 was found driving while intoxicated on June 17, according to KPD.

About 3:56 a.m. June 17, a KPD officer responded to the 1500 block of Jefferson Street regarding a woman, later identified as Nicole Christina Whitman, who was driving while intoxicated, according to KPD spokesman Jonathan Lamb.

“A caller had just reported that Nicole had left his residence in Ingram headed to her house on Jefferson, and seemed impaired and wanted officers to check on her,” Lamb said in an email. “Officers saw Nicole driving in the area and tried to stop her near her home. She drove to her house where officers contacted her.”

After Whitman failed a field sobriety test and was arrested, officers found a handgun in the purse that she had in her hands when she exited the vehicle, Lamb said.

“Due to Nicole possessing a handgun while engaged in criminal activity other than a Class C misdemeanor that is a violation of a law or ordinance regulating traffic, Nicole was also arrested for unlawfully carrying a weapon,” Lamb said.

Whitman, born in 1988, was released June 17 on $3,000 in bonds. Police recommended that she be charged with DWI and unlawfully carrying a weapon, both misdemeanors.

Whitman was jailed earlier this month on accusations of assaulting police and firing a gun inside her home in a drunken state. About 10:50 p.m. June 5, Kerrville police officers were dispatched to the 1500 block of Jefferson Street after multiple gunshots were heard in the area, according to KPD spokesman Chuck Bocock. Officers took Whitman to Peterson Regional Medical Center so she could be evaluated by mental health professionals, but became combative, and when officers attempted to calm her down, she kicked one of the officers in the face,” Bocock said in an email. “She also pinched and scratched the officer. The female was arrested and charged with assault on a public servant.”

Whitman also was jailed Nov. 9, 2009 after police found her drunk in a gas station with her vehicle parked at one of the pumps, having driven from Mulligan’s Pub. During her arrest to prevent her from driving away in an intoxicated state, officers reported finding a small container of cocaine in her pocket, and she was charged with state jail felony cocaine possession. She entered Creative Care Inc., a chemical dependency treatment center in Malibu, California, and was discharged in 2010. The prosecutor dismissed the drug charge in 2012 after Whitman completed probation.

Others recently arrested on suspicion of DWI include:

  • Jonathon Antonio Ortega, born in 1994, arrested June 16 by a KPD officer. His bond hadn’t been set as of Tuesday.
  • Jamie Melendez, born in 1997, arrested June 14 by a KPD officer. He was released the same day on a $1,500 bond.
  • Erin Patricia Mireless, born in 1964, arrested June 13 by a KPD officer. She was released the next day on a $1,000 bond.
  • Stephen Clive McNab, born in 1951, arrested June 16 by a KPD officer. He has one prior DWI conviction. He was released the next day on a $2,500 bond.
  • Tammie Lynn Galloway-Gardner, born in 1963, arrested June 16 by a KDP officer. She was being held on a $50,000 bond due to her criminal history and pending DWI charges.
  • Maydara Delaine Baiza, born in 1986, arrested June 20 by a KPD officer. She was released the same day on a $1,500 bond.
  • Anthony Ray Arellano, born in 1994, arrested June 20 by a KPD officer. He also was accused of damaging a fixture or highway landscape causing no more than $200 in damage, and also was accused of resisting arrest, search or transport. He was released June 21 on bonds totaling $6,500.
  • Alvira Lonzada Vanostrand, born in 1954, arrested June 20 by an Ingram police officer. She was released on June 21 on a $2,500 bond.
  • John W. Hocker, born in 1944, arrested June 24 by a KPD officer. He hadn’t been released as of press time.

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