The public cannot schedule appointments to receive COVID-19 vaccinations under the county's mass vaccination plan until supplies are available, according to a county press release issued Tuesday evening.

When supplies are available, residents can use a website and phone number to schedule vaccinations, according to the release.

"The website and the phone number will be announced well in advance of any vaccination clinic dates so everyone will have them, but those will not be released until the dates are set," states the release.

“Right now, we’re ready to go when doses become available to our county,” said William "Dub" Thomas, county emergency management coordinator, in the release. “The proper paperwork has been filed to receive the vaccines, the sites are cleared and prepped and the people who will deliver the vaccines are briefed and ready to go. We just have to wait until we get enough doses.”

Once the vaccines are available, the 800-1,000 shots could be administered per day under the plan.

For anyone who has concerns or needs further information about the clinics or vaccines, an information-only phone bank is being established. The call center will open Friday, Jan. 22, and will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. Anyone seeking information from the call center, may phone any of the following telephone numbers starting this Friday:






The county has emphasized that these numbers are only for people to use if they want more information about the vaccines or about the county's vaccination plans; they cannot be used to schedule a vaccination. Another phone number and a website to schedule vaccinations will be released when vaccines are available and the clinic is set up.

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Debby Williams

It's very obvious how low Kerrville rates in the Covid vaccine chart. So. . . why aren't the residents here being directed elsewhere to get the vaccine? I really want to know.

John Lowey

The lack of COVID vaccine is disappointing and frustration. The number of cases and death in Kerr County continue to rise horribly. Our County Judge and commissioners, Kerrville and other local community leaders, Our Texas state reps and Federal representative etc need to push harder to get needed vaccines and inoculation equipment and facilities here NOW ! That is what they are elected and appointed to do! Take care of the people of Kerr County!


Appointments could be scheduled then in order of signup


Wondering if there is a reason to delay signup until vaccine arrives. Seems Kerrville could get a head start on inoculations if folks were already signed up.


GENE here: not too smart. people should be able to go ahead and sign up and get it out of the way. why wait till everybody is trying to call? very poor planning. all reactive and nothing proactive.


GENE here: why? get the list stated.


I did not violate any rule and yet my comment does not appear.

Lowell Rhodes

This plan most likely guarantees chaos and frustration as citizens try to cope with long busy signals or a website that is overwhelmed.


What happened to building a list in advance? What happened to signing up by category and/or age? It would appear that the county gave this "plan" about 3 seconds of thought.

Jim Artlip


I hope that those of us that lack computer skills won't be at a disadvantage in being able to schedule a vaccine appointment.

Tom Klemesrud

Can you ask "Dub" why the vaccine is 40 days late, and running.

Lonnie Schmitt

The website and phone number should be up and running now to allow time for the list to be sorted by CDC glide lines. Also, it would give you information on how many shots you need. Typical Kerr county not ready and other locations are getting the vaccine.

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