H-E-B construction

Kerrville's new H-E-B store will open Nov. 11 — six weeks ahead of schedule. 

While not all of the amenities will be opened at the time, including a barbecue restaurant and the gas station, H-E-B's 114,000-square foot building will open to the public at 6 a.m. on Nov. 11 — just in time for Thanksgiving shoppers. 

Greg Nichols, the manager of the new H-E-B, said the company is in the final stages of completing the new store. He made a presentation on Tuesday to the Kerrville City Council about the plans to open. 

"It's one of the prettiest stores I've seen," said Nichols, adding that iconic sandstone that is prevalent across Hill Country architecture will be a major theme in the store. The store also pays homage to the founding of the grocery chain by the Butt family in Kerrville with a replica storefront of the original store. 

The opening will also demonstrate the delicate logistical challenges of opening the new store, while selling down more than $6 million worth of inventory in the existing Main Street Store. 

The only thing that will be moved over from the old store will be the prescriptions and pharmaceuticals from the pharmacy. Those will be moved the night before the new stores opens. 

Nichols said the current store will close at 3 p.m. on Nov. 10. 

Once the new store opens, H-E-B's work crews will go in and remove the fixtures, refrigerators and other items. All of the remaining food and other goods will be donated to local food banks. 

For anyone who walks into the Main Street has notices, it's starting to feel very empty and Nichols acknowledged it has proven to be a challenge for some customers. However, the company has also been working to upgrade it's second location on Sidney Baker, where most everything offered at the Main Street store can now be found as well. 

Starting in January, the old store will be demolished, which will allow the grocery chain to complete the remaining parts of the new store, including a second entry tower on the north side of the building. 

One of the biggest challenges will be parking for the next several months and Nichols said they will provide shuttle services to people who will have park in lots in the back of the property. Eventually, a new parking lot will cover the footprint of the old building. 

Nichols said he expects that the parking lots, gas station and barbecue restaurant will be completed by the end of March. 

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Mary B. Olden

I'm sure this is going to be a lovely new store but do anticipate challenges will continue to arise until & if they are able to provide sufficient parking. The Sidney Baker St. South store has been my "go to" store for a few years now due insufficient parking at the main store. Although being able to buy more items not formerly offered until its recent renovation it has become quite obvious that parking is going to become a concern there as well, especially when offering curbside service. I can't help but wonder why that some consideration wasn't given into constructing another smaller store near the 508. The Hobby Lobby site would have been perfect and those of us living North of the city would have been better served.

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