Texas Attorney General Indicted

FILE - In this June 22, 2017, file photo, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speaks at a news conference in Dallas. 

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Saturday that he's appealing a judge’s decision to allow the Harris County clerk to send mail-in ballot applications to all registered voters in the county.

Paxton is asking the 14th Court of Appeals in Houston to prevent Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins from sending applications to all 2.4 million Houston-area voters. A state judge ruled Friday that the county can proceed with its plan.

Paxton argues that the plan violates the state constitution and Texas election law.

“There has already been widespread confusion regarding who is and is not eligible to vote by mail during this election cycle," Paxton's office argues in the appeal. “Sending applications to millions of ineligible voters ... will only exacerbate this situation."

In Texas, mail-in ballots are generally restricted to voters who are 65 or older, disabled or will be outside the county on Election Day.

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GENE here: so once again I do some research and posted some facts with no insults. yet once again, not printed. do you guys have some problem with factual information.?

Richard Hough

The problem is that there is no procedure for removing people from voting roles when they ether move or die. So an obvious conclusion would be that there are many on the list that should not be. One way would be to have some sort of sunset provision where if you have not voted within say 2 years your name would be automatically removed. And you can always register if you name was removed in error. Maybe they already do something like this but I am not aware of it.


GENE here: sorry-the term was millions of unauthorized voters. just simply amazing bs.

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