This is day 2 of my self-quarantine after being exposed to the coronavirus, and it’s making reporting a little challenging. Lots of phone calls, messages, texts and other ways of communication, but here’s what is going on: 


A lot of people are concerned about their pets during this time and if they can contract the COVID-19, and the simple answer is no. 

I asked one local doctor, who asked not to be identified, said: “Short answer is pets can not get Covid-19,” she wrote. “There is a coronavirus in pets that’s been around for a really long time, but it’s a completely different strain that’s not transmissible to people and is gastrointestinal/diarrhea-related. We vaccinate pets for it.”

Another effort underway is to protect the workers at the veterinarian clinics across the area by utilizing curbside service where animals are dropped off and then treated. Here’s how local clinic Hogemeyer is handling it: Upon arrival, you may choose to call us and we will meet you at your car to retrieve your pet (if necessary). Any potential treatment plan or payment can be discussed over the phone.


If you’re new to curbside delivery via H-E-B, good luck getting a timeslot to pick up food any time soon. In fact, I just went online to the curbside site for both the store on Main Street and the one on Sidney Baker and was told there were no available times for pickup today or through the end of the month. The earliest they could accommodate me is April 3 at the Sidney Baker store, and April 5 on Main Street. 

We’ve got a call out to H-E-B seeking comment about how they’re working to handle the surge of online ordering and pickup. 

Now, that experience may not be for everyone, especially if you've used the service before. 

FYI: Walmart isn’t much better and only seems to have candy and dieting food available for pickup. 


The economy is in tatters and the jobs numbers today were stunning with more than three million people filing unemployment claims. Walt Koenig, who is about to leave his job as president and CEO of the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce, offered this thought on the job numbers: “While the first-time unemployment numbers are both historical and concerning let’s remember that we, as a nation, will also be passing a historically large stimulus package that will focus on retaining employees. The Chamber encourages all of our local businesses to take the fullest advantage of the federal programs being launched in the coming weeks. We are always here to help.” 

We also learned of another business closing in the wake of pandemic — Pop Hair Art. The salon with an artsy and fun vibe, posted on social media today that it's closing due to the situation with COVID-19. 


Marty Lenard teaches music at Schreiner University, along with serving as a trustee on the Kerrville Independent School District Board of Trustees, and I asked him what it’s like to teach via video conferencing. Here’s what he said: I feel that I'm managing the transition to on-line instruction well. I've been taking on-line courses towards my Ph.D. in Instrumental Music Education through Auburn University. With that experience of learning from my mentor, Dr. Nancy Barry, I feel that I've been able to transition relatively smooth. The best thing for me, and I believe for the students, is to keep to our normal schedule and routine as possible. I've been helping my colleagues in the Music Department at Schreiner to set up their classes and help as much as I can. Throughout the country, many universities are sharing best practices and ideas to provide the best musical experience for our students. Its been amazing to see how teachers from all over the country have come together to help one another to provide the best for our students.”

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Douglas Williams

Across the State, the HEB curbside and FAVOR operations have been a disaster. Why HEB won't join almost ALL the other grocery chains in designated Senior Hours is disturbing.

Larry Wiginton

Hope you're well, Louis.

Thanks for the updates.

Hang in there.

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