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People who support Trump cite the “great economy,” as one of the reasons for their support, explaining, “Our unemployment is the lowest it has ever been. If it hadn’t been for this pandemic …”

What? Presidents don’t get do-overs. That would be like saying, “Roosevelt would have been a great president if Pearl Harbor hadn’t been bombed.” 

And what about President Bush? Our country didn’t tank after 9/11. We rallied, came together and became stronger. Why aren’t we doing that now?

Trump has led us into the biggest budget deficit ever. We have more unemployed than in either the Great Depression or the Great Recession. Our GDP has experienced its biggest drop ever, 32%. 

He spends money like he can declare bankruptcy if it doesn’t work out, just as he has done with some of his businesses. 

And more American citizens have died in this pandemic than all the Americans that died in the Vietnam and Korean Wars combined.

This is not a time for blind party loyalty or one-policy politics. I am registered as a Democrat but I’ve voted Republican, Independent and Liberterian. I owe it to my country to vote for the person I believe is going to make my country its strongest. I may not agree with everything he or she adopts as policy but I know at least there can be debate and compromise.

I want my country returned to accountability, honesty, morality, compassion and be rebuilt on sound constitutional and economic principles. 

Gwen Break, Kerrville


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GENE here: Even before the pandemic, the slope of the curve measuring gnp and employment had not increased from the last 4 years of the Obama administration. The reality is that corporations made out like bandits and did not bring jobs back, and once the sugar high from the tax cuts wore off, we were right back at under 3% growth. The only credit that Trump did deserve is that he did not wreck the economy that Obama created. But now of course, we have the botched pandemic response which has blown past progress away. And he can take the credit for that.

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