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A recent letter to the editor I wrote garnered a rather direct response from a Trump supporter implying I was “cherry picking” facts. Let’s avoid any such implication and stick to the indisputable core: The United States has by far more cases and more deaths from COVID-19 than any other country in the world (per Johns Hopkins University).

As a Republican, a veteran and most of all an American, I am embarrassed by the abysmal leadership shown by President Trump in this pandemic. No amount of dust can obscure this fact and no “alternative facts”, as KelleyAnne Conway calls them, can mitigate it.

I don’t expect the 30% of Americans who are adamant Trump supporters to be swayed by this, any more than I expect members of Jim Jones People Temple would have been swayed by a warning there was something wrong with the Kool Aid. However, for the 70% of Americans who prefer real facts and might not drink the Kool Aid, I believe it is a big issue that deserves some real consideration as they evaluate the fitness of our leadership.

Bryan Melton, Kerrville

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