The Political Research Committee (PRC) of the Kerr County Patriot’s Club has finalized the results of their comparative rating of the six candidates running for Kerr County Sheriff.  The assessment is not intended to endorse any candidate, but to evaluate relative strengths and provide voters with one more tool to use in determining their choice for the office of sheriff.

A set of questions was developed by the PRC committee, and our membership placed a value or weight on each question. All candidates were asked the same questions, none of which were biased, positively or negatively, toward any one candidate. The candidates’ responses were scored by each committee member and then weighted by the value placed by the candidate on each question. The sum of the scores of each question is the rating number shown for each candidate. 

The following questions were asked of each candidate with weight given to each question by our club’s members is in parenthesis:

  • Would you sign off on a resolution proclaiming Kerr County as a staunch defender of citizens’ rights as granted under the Second Amendment? (8.5)
  • Would you sign a resolution stating Kerr County is NOT a Sanctuary County for illegal aliens? (8.5)
  • What steps have you taken to familiarize yourself with the sheriff’s department operations and policies? Expound. (8.0)
  • What are the top three attributes you believe a good sheriff should possess? (6.5)
  • What State of Texas Police Officer Certification level do you hold? (Basic, Intermediate, Masters other training?) (7.0)
  • Under what circumstances would you use Civil Asset Forfeiture? (6.5)
  • What would your policy be to ensure there would be no abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture? (6.5)
  • What policy/procedure would you use to ensure public safety in high-speed pursuit situations? (5.5)
  • Would you continue to put prisoners from other counties in our jail? Your thoughts? (7.0)
  • Have you voted in Republican primaries and elections during the last five years?  Provide details. (7.0)
  • What is your position on citizens carrying a weapon? Explain in detail. (5.5)
  • What is the biggest law enforcement problem Kerr County is facing? (8.0)
  • What do you see as the biggest challenge the new sheriff will have to deal with? (7.5) 

Each of the candidates have strong points that would place them at the top if evaluated by those attributes alone. However, the totality of their answers are as follows:

  • Larry Leitha - 98
  • Carol Twiss - 96
  • Mitch Lambdin - 92
  • Eli Garcia - 78
  • Tommy Hill - 72
  • Warren Funk - 56

As you can see from the scores, three candidates separated themselves from the field and are very close. To separate the candidates from another perspective: Larry Leitha and Mitch Lambdin have the most experience in fighting drugs and related gang crimes, stated by all candidates as the largest law enforcement problem in our county; Eli Garcia and Carol Twiss have years of experience in various capacities in the sheriff’s department; Tommy Hill has been a warden of a privately managed federal prison; and Warren Funk wants to apply a Libertarian philosophy toward law enforcement. 

Kerr County voters obviously have a group of very qualified candidates to choose from. Unfortunately, our evaluation methodology does not measure critical personal attributes such as integrity, honesty, forward thinking and the command presence to lead the sheriff’s department. 

Your choice will ultimately be based on what strengths you believe are most important. Please go out and vote.

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