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I have read numerous letters and articles by residents, The Kerrville  Daily  Times Editorial Board, Chamber of Commerce and others about “affordable housing” and a new bell ringer, “workforce housing.’’

It appears to all be political garbage and this is why:  no one has defined affordable housing or workforce housing. 

Simple math gives the answer. Teachers in Kerrville average $51,000  which computes to an affordable home worth $194,000 or $1,830 a month, assuming $10,000 down and only $250 debt a month. 

Police? Average $49,000 equals $185,000 home at $1180 a month.

HEB/Walmart workers average salary of $27,000 equals a $87,711 home at $555 a month with the same debt and down payment. This is based on Zillow affordability and is very generous.

So are the new housing projects pushed going to meet that definition of affordable housing? Or am I missing something here?  


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Joseph Senecal

Affordability is an important issue to be sure. however, I'm also concerned that at last nights City Council meting Council member Clarkson stated she " ..had the statistics and numbers to show this project would not result in a negative cash flow for the city" but she did not offer to share these numbers with we the tax payers who will be on the hook for this new liability the well intentioned council has so glibly passed unanimously. As there are three council members who volunteered they have or had real estate connections it seems perhaps the issue of a $5 Million handout to the developer should be a ballot issue for the entire city to vote on to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest or impropriety.

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