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Documents obtained by The Kerrville Daily Times paint a picture of the Kerrville Police Department in unflattering terms, including an officer who walked off the job after accusing the department of failing to act on illegal activities. 

Officer Stephen Wherry resigned on Oct. 20, 2019, essentially walking off the job at 4:40 p.m. that day, after writing a memorandum of resignation to KPD Chief David Knight. 

“I refuse to work with an agency who condones criminal activity and persecuted the officers who report these illegal acts,” wrote Wherry, who served for nearly 10 years on the Kerrville force. 

Wherry is expected to testify against fellow officer Sgt. Jaiman Yarbrough, who he and other former KPD officers accused of filing a false affidavit to conduct a search warrant of a Kerrville woman’s apartment last year. 

In the affidavit, Yarbrough swore he saw drug paraphernalia while standing at the door to Cody May’s apartment at 3355 Legion Drive in January 2019. The affidavit was used to secure a search warrant that reportedly uncovered syringes, baggies containing trace amounts of methamphetamine and other paraphernalia. 

According to court filings, KPD Investigators John Latham and Jeff Purvis — both of whom no longer work for the department — told the office of 216th District Attorney Lucy Wilke last year that “they did not believe that Sgt. Yarbrough could have made the observations he placed in the search warrant affidavit from his position in the doorway and during his conversation with (Jordan Christopher Crane, a man who was at the apartment).” 

In an interview with KENS 5 television on Tuesday, Knight indicated the department has reviewed documents and video footage related to the search and found no wrongdoing. 

Three employee surveys describe an understaffed, under-equipped and underpaid department that was losing officers to other cities in Texas. 

However, none of the surveys obtained by The Times alleged illegal activity in the department.  

A motion to suppress evidence gathered in May's case was scheduled for Tuesday but was postponed until April 22 before 216th District Judge N. Keith Williams. A new prosecutor has been appointed due to a potential conflict of interest: May's former defense attorney is now a 216th assistant district attorney.


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Pistol Positive

Funny or sad - my previous comment regarding the lack of feedback from city management or KPD leadership was deleted.

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