Two men were jailed and released to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security after being arrested in Kerrville on suspicion of various offenses.

On Nov. 18, an off-duty peace officer saw a driver and passenger smoking marijuana in a car and called the Kerrville Police Department, according to KPD Sgt. Jonathan Lamb. 

“He called it in to us, and the officer made a traffic stop based on that and conducted a probable cause search (of the vehicle) based on the odor of marijuana,” said Lamb in a Nov. 20 email.

Police seized up to 27 grams of a drug in penalty group 3 — a misdemeanor amount — and up to 199 grams of a felony drug in penalty group 1, which includes methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. Penalty group 3 includes a host of drugs illegal to possess without a prescription. 

Manuel Borjon-Martinez, who maintains an address in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was accused of possessing these drugs, as well as less than 2 ounces of marijuana. Another man, Aruturo Montes-Ortiz, who has an address in Pueblo, Colorado, was accused of possessing less than 2 ounces of marijuana. 

Both men were suspected of being in the country illegally and transferred to DHS on Nov. 19. 

Others accused of being in the country illegally in recent weeks include:

  • Hugo Zarraga-Cruz, jailed Oct. 31 on suspicion of DWI. He was still in the county jail as of Nov. 20.

  • Martin Martinez Gonzalez, jailed Nov. 1 on suspicion of public intoxication and transferred to DHS on Nov. 3.

  • Flavio Leonardo Chun Caal, jailed Nov. 15 on suspicion of assaulting two people. Kerrville police recommended a misdemeanor assault charge and a felony assault charge, the latter of which was recommended due to the status of the alleged victim as either elderly, disabled or a child. He was still in the county jail as of Nov. 20.

  • Orien Antonio Morilo Aguilar, jailed Nov. 18 on suspicion of DWI and released to DHS on Nov. 20.

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