Key Moments for Fredericksburg: Jarrett Beard gave the Billies an early lead when he received a pitch and raced down the left sideline for a 32-yard touchdown.

Key Moments for Tivy: With Tivy trailing 7-0 late in the first quarter, senior defensive end Gonzalo Hernandez swung the momentum in Tivy’s favor when he punched the football out of Dylan Ahrens’ hands. Safety Coleson Abel pounced on the fumble, giving the Antlers the ball at Fredericksburg’s 42-yard line. Trapper Pannell connected running back Fisher Middleton six plays later for a five-yard touchdown.

Key Tivy stats: Middleton has been effective at the running back position, rushing for 23 yards on two carries while snagging four catches for 23 yards. The Antlers need to give him more touches in the second half.

Toye’s observation: Tivy’s defense has continued to earn stops. The Antlers have allowed 180 yards on 42 plays and have forced two stops on fourth down. That’s winning football.

The offense, however, remains a work in progress, failing to pick up a first down on their first three possessions. Cole Miears gave the offense a spark when he became the quarterback in the second quarter, engineering a six-play, 54-yard drive which culminated in a 15-yard touchdown pass to Brooks McCoy.

The Antlers obviously need to sustain long drives in the second half, or the defense will grow tired. After all, it’s hard to ask a defense to be on the field for more than 75 plays and force stops.

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