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I was listening to some highly qualified person’s TV panel discussion of our nation’s and other nation’s responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic with current results.  One person suggested this might be Washington D.C.’s Chernobyl — not a good thought.  Made me think of numerous instances, especially this year, of wondering if our state’s present county government leadership system does not scream for an upgrade and replacement.  After college  working largely in rural counties in TX and 4 other states, I had 40 years of often close-up views into county governments.  In TX I noticed that often these (almost always) men had little professional education and almost never, in an appropriate field.  And they became long-term public “cushy jobs”.

This was brought home to me in both TX and in NM, when speeding and brought back to the local County Judge for prompt payment, it was apparent that these “judges” were both pumping gas and ran small gas stations!  Not lawyers or judges as I had been brought up to know in HS Civics or college Govt. or Business Law courses.  Most TX county commissioners I knew, liked and worked with or went to church with, were good men with full time or part-time outside jobs who often made one of the highest salaries in the county pushing $50,000 to $65,000.  These usually became long-term overpaid employment and retirement benefits even.  As a taxpayer, I wonder, is that justified?  Should they, not medical experts, also make life threatening disease related decisions for thousands of people - many who are more qualified than they?  What are we really voting for - good government or “We’ve always done it this way!” ?  I believe the system is outdated and needs changing badly.

Mike Mecke, Kerrville

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GENE here: total agreement. when there are no qualifications for office, you get people with no qualifications for the most part. the horrible mismanagement of the covid here is a good example of why "elites" always do a better job than the average man on the street.

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