The Doyle School Community Center has always been a hub for the neighborhoods it serves, but it took on another challenge this week — fighting the coronavirus pandemic. 

Volunteers at the Doyle Center set up an information tent as part of the Hope 4 Health initiative, which aims to provide helpful health information for the Doyle area. On Wednesday, that was on full display as volunteers handed out bagged lunches from Monroe’s East End Grill and information about how COVID-19 spreads. 

Throughout the day people showed up, some with families, to pick up the lunch and to get information about the pandemic. 

The Doyle Center was on the agenda for Tuesday night’s meeting of the Kerrville city council, and it was projects like this that councilmembers are eager to see expanded in the coming months. The council approved $500,000 in funding to match nearly $500,000 in grants the center has received for a major renovation. 

“I think this is an investment in our future,” said Councilwoman Delayne Sigerman during the meeting. “I see it as a special place. If we would have had those improvements in place we could already be using it for (coronavirus).”

The center will get a complete makeover, including returning the historic features of the school, which once was the only place where black children could be educated before desegregation. 

Most importantly, the money spent will allow the center to provide better health services for that part of the community thanks to a partnership with Peterson Health. 


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