Kerrville's boil-water notice was lifted Sunday.

The city recommends citizens flush their water lines, water fountains, and ice machines for at least five minutes if possible, according to a Sunday press release issued by the city.

"Water heaters may take more than five minutes, but should be flushed," states the release. 

According to the city, food establishments should take additional measures such as:

• Flush and sanitize all water-using fixtures and appliances, such as ice machines, beverage dispensers, beverage “gun” dispensers, hot water heaters, direct water source machines, dishwashing machines, and any other such machines.

• Run ice machines through two cycles of ice production and discard the ice, then clean and sanitize the bin.

• Clean and sanitize all fixtures, sinks, and equipment connected to water lines.

• If water filtration systems are present, the filters will need to be replaced.

Cloudy water may be common for the next few days, but this is dissolved air in the water and is not a safety issue, according to the city.

"The City of Kerrville appreciates our citizens’ patience and understanding during this past week’s weather event," states the city's release. "We also ask that citizens continue water conservation efforts whenever possible as the water storage system continues to be replenished and as citizens flush their water lines."

For more information, contact the City of Kerrville’s Public Works department at 830-257-8000.

The state's environmental protection agency had required the city to issue the notice due to low-pressure conditions associated with the recent severe winter weather. Pressure in some of the city water mains was reduced below 20 pounds per square inch due to power outages and private water line breaks, according to the city's release. The entity that manages the state's power grid, ERCOT, mandated the outages due to a large increase in demand, which exceeded supply, brought on by the severe weather.

"The City of Kerrville was just one of 1,300 water systems across Texas issuing boil water notices throughout the event, according to information from TCEQ," states the city's release. "As of Sunday morning, only 64 public water systems had been able to rescind their boil water notices. Through the diligent work of the city’s Public Works staff over the weekend, the City of Kerrville has taken the necessary corrective actions to restore the quality of the potable water distributed to the public, and has provided TCEQ with laboratory test results that indicate the water no longer requires boiling prior to use as of 6:30 p.m. today, Feb. 21, 2021."

Other water customers

As of the most recent information from Aqua Texas, water was available for Kerr County customers except in the Saddlewood area, and all areas except Cypress Springs were under a boil-water notice. 

“Ingram-area residents should be getting water, but there are leaks primarily at residences," said Kerr County Emergency Management Coordinator William "Dub" Thomas in a Saturday press release. "If the leaks would stop, then the water situation would get much better. Anyone living in the Ingram area who has a leak should contact Aqua Texas’ Customer Service by calling 877-987-2782 to notify them of the leak. I understand that this extended winter weather storm has been difficult for many of us, but crews are out working very hard to make sure that our residents have their electrical and water services returned to normal."

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Michael Barr

I am still having a remarkable amount of a white powder precipitate out of the water when boiled. I have no idea what this material is and there is no mention of it in the Aqua website.

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