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I am optimistic that Kerrville has a real chance to greatly improve in the coming years. Kerrville and Kerr County has been devastated by a small group of bosses that run the county to their personal economic benefit. Using political and economic power, they have been able to stack the courts and LE with loyal servants, without regard for the overall benefit of the community. This system has yielded disastrous leadership for the average citizen and has brought to power the likes of Karl Prohl, Ron Sutton, Gary Stork and Amos Barton, to name a few. The local GOB, and their version of small county Texas Boss Rule is coming to an end. The bosses are now getting up in years, the culture is changing, and information is now freely exchanged, in part thanks to the KDT. This can only be good for the community, and I look for great things to come.

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