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robert white

Political42, you are right, every scheduled council meeting at 6 pm is preceded by a 4pm meeting of mayor & council members disguised as a workshop.The mayor does not, or cannot, even read the agenda. It was apparent he didn't read the last agenda that discussed the letting of a $175,000 contract to study the Lois Street flooding project after discussion and just before the vote by council he asked if the study would "do anything for the flooding on Lois Street," DUH


I also have not attended a council meeting in the new city hall. I do watch them, and that tells me all I need to know. Decisions are made prior to meetings. Very little of substance is discussed. It is the real estate council. If something has value to the real estate community, it will be passed. And we won't know why. Prime example is the real estate development coming down the pike. Affordable housing, defined as affordable to those making between 48 and 72k(the cities numbers, not mine), will probably not happen in this development. No discussion will take place unless the GOB's show up wanting something. That's the way it is in Kerrville.


To my discredit, I've been to exactly one City Council meeting. But at that one, which had some important agenda items I recall, it was not well attended. Here or elsewhere, I'd be curious to learn what the median attendance is at Council meetings. The cynical side of me says that the most critical of the Council are those who have rarely or never attended a meeting.

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