City staff and consultants have been at work conducting studies and developing plans to fix the road and drainage problems around Kerrville. The city council is thinking of borrowing $10.5 million to pay for 1) street reconstruction for the worst roads 2) a drainage channel at Take-It-Easy RV Resort, and 3) improving drainage around Lois Street. City staff have said Kerrville has additional debt capacity because the city paid off some loans this year. What’s your opinion on these plans?

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Last year, the City Council paid a consultant, with taxpay money, to stand up and tell us that infrastructure needs were covered and that the existing debt was not a problem. now, out of nowhere, we need 10.5 million for street repairs, after spending how many millions on "quality of lif e" projects? something smells. We were told $60+ million was ok. Now it's $70+ million. When is it going to stop and when will it not be ok?

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