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robert white

KDT, you are outright tricky in your climate change poll. You offer one way to vote if you agree there is change, & 4 ways to divide the no vote. Poor journalism! It really doesn't matter though, You still have more people against than for, and it proves nothing but a waste of time & paper.


so truth is determined by how many people agree or disagree with something? gene

Paul Cassel

I agree with trose. The question is idiotic. Of course climate changes. The issue if the current changing has anything to do with human activity during the past few years.


you might want to go back to the industrial revolution, not the past few years. the definitive data pretty much is traced from there. Gene

Larry Guzik

Wrong way to ask the climate change question. The climate has always changed. The real question should be; "does human activity have any effect on the climate". It would be refreshing to see a "honest" debate on this subject.


there have been numerous honest debates. and as it turns out over 97% of scientists with knowledge of the area agree in man mad climate change. about 1.5 % say yes the climate is changing but we humans have nothing to do with it, and about 1.5 % say no change. so tell me t, what would constitute an honest debate? would it be one where the vast majority of the people agree, or would it be one that confirms what you believe? Gene

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