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Armadillo, do you think the CC's ambitions with housing properly fits within the role of government from a conservative view? If the government's role is to lower housing costs, where does supply / demand and the free market fit in the equation?


When will there be a discussion of what affordable housing is? Is it apartments at $800, $1000? Is it homes at $150k? Is it rental homes at $900? Our mayor and his realtor oriented council keep talking about it. $1300 apartments in the latest handout by the city would appear to be for those making 50k or more a year. Is that what they are talking about?


Good question 42, and who will be eligible to purchase a house at less than market value? How will that be decided? What will keep them from flipping or renting the house, or taking in room renters at market price?

Stephen Lehman

The problem I see is that builders make more profit with higher-end homes. Their profit margin is very small on "affordable" housing, so incentives may be necessary.

I also do not believe that everyone is entitled to a single-family dwelling in a nice neighborhood. You should have to work and build up to what you can afford. My parents did not buy their first home until they were in their 40's. I have never owned my own home. There is nothing wrong with apartments or mobile homes if they are responsibly managed and cared for. If someone cannot take care of a mobile home, they are not capable of being a responsible home owner.


ARM, contrary to popular belief, it is not the duty of the city to insure developers make a certain profit. If small houses do not yield enough profit, simply charge more per square ft. That is the way it has always worked in America. Your position on this seems to be wildly out of character, to say the least.


There is a valid argument that we are seeing a market top in home prices. It seems to be off limits to even discuss this possibility, as it could impede the next welfare check to our "insider" developers. The bull market in real estate will come to an end, and what happens then? Do we get our money back from the "incentive" programs if the market turns south?

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