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J, the shooters are always blamed. I have never seen anyone blame the weapon. but I do see people state that the type of weapon used has a large bearing on the number killed and wounded. can you dispute that? gene

Stephen Lehman

If the shooters are to blame, why are you so keen to restrict gun access from the law-abiding public? Of course it can be disputed. Statistically, many more people are killed with handguns than with semi-automatic weapons.

And I would remind everyone, again, that the Second Amendment protects citizens from its government. That was the intent 230 years ago and with the increase in the favorability of unconstitutional socialism, that is the intent today. I'm keeping my semi-automatic weapon and high capacity magazines against the day we fail to prevent the destruction of our Republic by Democrats. That is not a threat. That is my Constitutionally protected right. I have never been and will never be a threat to the law-abiding public.


and kerrguy, if you will go to a fact check site, you will see that Biden is proposing pretty much the same changes as those occurring in the "assault weapon" ban of many years ago. there will no gun confiscation, nor was there under the original ban. there will no federal agents going door to door to take your guns or magazines. gene

Jack Jackson

Evil is illiterate. Laws against objects only penalize good law abiding citizens and don't fix anything. When do we start blaming the shooters?


Since the Democratic frontrunner has now admitted that he wants gun confiscation, magazines will be a moot point. The 1994 ban and its asinine magazine ban had a negligible (at best) effect on the crime rate. Bad policy, driven by emotion. There are hundreds of millions of these magazines in the wild today, and only the gun ignorant think that a 10 vs 30 round magazine will make a single bit of difference. This is just another Democratic stunt for their base. And by the looks of replies here, the memo went out to the local left for sure.


I support a limit. seems like there are limits placed on virtually everything (and for good reason in most cases), but yet somehow magazine sized are sacred. common sense should override ideology. gene


Yes, Military Weapons have no place in a civilized society. If someone wants these items, let join our Military or Law Enforcement.


what could high capacity magazines be used for? Perhaps at a shooting range? I believe they should be banned.

Warren Funk

Absolutely not.

Steve odell

You bet I do,

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