There seems to be a great deal of concern over the recently announced appraisal values on real estate. This does not mean you are having a tax increase. That could happen, when the city, county and other taxing entities establish tax rates. Hopefully, they will lower the rates to offset the increased values, so they will receive the same tax revenue as last year — and not raise our taxes. 

We have also had many new properties on the tax roles that can share the tax burden. I am sure all our elected officials are aware of how sensitive we are to a tax increase.

Save your concerns until we hear about the new tax rates.  

 Ed Hamilton, Kerrville


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Ed, I think one needs to look through the politicians and focus on their handlers and financiers. I think it is a sure bet taxes are going up. How else are we going to hand out fat inside deals, grants and contracts? The GOB's subscribe to machtpolitik beliefs, and now they have political control and high appraisals. Do yo think they are going to yield at this stage?

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