To the voters of Kerrville: Thank you for overwhelmingly confirming that maturity, integrity, civility, respect toward others and their opinions and an attitude of serving the public — rather than serving an inflated sense of personal importance — still have a place in our local political scene.

To the newly elected council members: Thank you for stepping forward and undertaking this important leadership role.  Based on your extensive history of public service in the area, I am confident you will join the three existing council members in bringing an attitude of servant leadership for all the citizens of the city.

To the Kerrville city staff: Thank you for your ongoing excellent service to the city.  You can now take comfort in knowing you will be treated like the professionals that you are, without repeated belittling and harassment.

To the voters who may feel they have “lost” this election: Please continue to closely follow the activities of the city council and to present your issues to council members in a respectful, positive manner.  I think you will be pleased to see that your issues will be received and considered in a mature, responsible, and thoughtful manner, rather than exploited by self-interested individuals who only appear to be interested in dividing the city so as to feed their opinion of self-worth.

To one of the second place finishers in the election: Please use this opportunity to reflect upon the clear message you have just received with respect to how you treat people and present issues to the city.  I believe if you will continue to be involved, but change your approach to bringing issues in a more positive, less divisive, less self-serving manner, you will find a respectful consideration of those issues by leadership and staff.  

Jim Ramsey, Kerrville


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