Voters, with common sense and an understanding of the shenanigans that wealthy people like to pull, have observed that “being rich does not equal winning.” 

The most recent prime example is Hillary Clinton. She certainly pulled all the tricks in the book to defeat Donald Trump. Power drove her hard just as her abundant wealth gave her the intense desire to rule over the people. You realize that she did not care one whit about us little guys. All she and her many moneyed minions just wanted to rule over anyone that was not part of their group.

Now fast forward to Kerrville’s city council elections. Again, there are those two candidates that have had over $9,000 in campaign contributions. 

Then there are the two candidates whose contributions are much less. Yet which ones are truly for the “little guys.” Which ones have told people that taxation without representation is not fair to the vast majority of Kerrville /Kerr County. I am one of those “little guys” and frankly I am sick and tired of being abused fiscally over and over.

Susan Brennan, Kerrville


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