Mayor Blackburn blatantly endorses Clarkson and Cochrane. Their signs are in his yard. This endorsement is selective favoritism and portends future collusion with a puppet city council. Blackburn stated in print that, “We need to move beyond constant conflict to a council that will be unified …” 

In other words, he does not want accountability to the people of Kerrville. He does not want opposing thoughts from city council members who listen to their constituents. He wants to achieve a hidden agenda unimpeded. 

Clarkson and Cochrane are related to the real estate profession. Clarkson is the title manager for the Kerr County Abstract and Title Co. Team that her mother owns. 

Do we want all of the city council members related to the real estate profession serving as representatives for all of us? Is this diversity? Why is Blackburn endorsing them and why is he endorsing anyone at all? Why is he trying to influence the vote? This “in your face” endorsement tells us he does not represent all of us. His actions depict and represent an injustice in the system. 

As the “elected” mayor of our great city, you are telegraphing that people disregard George Baroody and Mario Garcia as the other candidates. Blackburn, what is your gain in all of this?

Council members Judy Eychner and Delayne Sigerman are real estate professionals. Eychner is also the cice chairman of the Kerr County Appraisal District (KCAD). Can we believe that Eychner has no association between being a city council member and also as a member on the KCAD board and that there is no conflict of interest? 

Review your property appraisals again and ask yourselves “is perception reality?” 

Eva Buhidar, Kerrville


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