My wife and I went out for dinner at a local BBQ restaurant several months ago; we and Councilman George Baroody and a friend occupied the only other table. After finishing our meal, I decided to say hello and discuss a city matter. I sat down at the table facing Baroody where he and his friend were discussing an agenda item. I was totally ignored with no greeting, no eye contact or even acknowledgment of my presence. After sitting there politely looking at Baroody for at least four minutes, I pushed my chair back, stood up and left. Also leaving that evening was any thought of Baroody being able to represent me on city council.

I have attended or viewed online many recent council meetings trying to educate myself on issues facing our city. I have become more and more concerned about the half-truths contained in Baroody’s newspaper ads. These issues have all been addressed in council meetings or by city staff and factual information has been given to him, but he persists using misleading information and even incorrect information when he knows better. This is just plain dishonest.

This election must be about integrity, honesty and civility in city government. How many of our taxpayers’ dollars have been wasted and how many city staff hours have been expended trying to answer questions posed by a single council member who doesn’t then accept the answers.  A “watch dog” is only helpful if the dog doesn’t destroy the house and its contents.

 Fortunately, we have excellent alternative choices this year. Kim Clarkson, Gary Cochrane and Mario Garcia will approach city council with teamwork, civility towards each other and treat our city staff with respect as they move our “small town feel” city forward under the Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan.

William R. Rector, Kerrville


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There are two (2) obvious takeaways from this LTE. First, I would suggest that Rector should refrain from butting in and interrupting folks while they are having dinner. Second, Rector’s goals are clear, in that he is constantly whining about the city pumping more money into downtown to benefit his real estate holdings, and Broody is an obstacle in this effort. Rector needs a crash course in manners, humility and limited government. If Rector tried to butt in on my dinner time conversation, I would ignore him as well.

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