Editorial gets it wrong on Kerrville voters

Another Editorial in today’s KDT by Mr. Amestoy takes a shot at Kerrville’s voters.  Although most of the recommended changes passed by wide majorities including Proposition N by an 80% to 20% vote, he came out against Prop N in the paper more than once and still prints in today’s KDT the voters missed the mark. In today’s paper he writes that if he had started earlier in recommending against prop N he somehow could have changed our votes.  Somewhat presumptuous on his part about his ability to influence the voters of Kerrville.

I served on the Charter Review Committee and I am proud of the work we did. City Council approved all the changes on the ballot but two and even though they did not pass, the voters spoke and I am fine with their decisions. What I take exception to is the managing editor not giving the Kerrville voters the respect they are due for deciding what they feel is best for Kerrville.

Maybe if the Editorial Board of The Daily Times listened more to Kerrville residents’ opinions and less to their own they could learn something as well.

Michael Sigerman, Kerrville

(Editor’s Note: The five-member Editorial Board makes decisions about the editorials that appear in the newspaper. The Times’ editorials are not the opinion of one person on the board, but the institution.)

Daily Times should have provided analysis sooner

Your analysis of the proposed charter changes was well done but completely useless to the many of us who voted early since it came out the day before the regular voting day.   A significant percent of voters in Kerrville always vote early making this a very predictable occurrence.  Many of the changes were difficult to understand making an explanation especially important.  Why wasn’t the explanation of the changes published in time to help early voters?  If you want your analysis to be of help to the voters and the community, it needs to be timely.

Riva Johnson, Kerrville

(Editor’s note: Nearly half of the voters in Tuesday’s election cast their ballots early, about 45%.) 

Streets missing from repair list is a major disappointment

I was disappointed when I saw the list of streets Kerrville is planning to repair/repave, and Camp Meeting Road wasn’t on it. It is in City Limits up to the corner with Loma Vuelta which is a county road.

We have to take Camp Meeting Road to get out of the neighborhood to get to Hwy 16 south. The Hosanna Lutheran Church is on this road also.

Presently it is narrow, rough and potholed. Every rain causes the holes to open up again.

Harvey Vordenbaum, Kerrville

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