Much has been said about the non-partisan nature of our local politics, but this misleading message needs clarification and context.

In Kerr County you cannot win an election if you identify as a Democrat, so all serious candidates for county positions register as Republicans and you have to vote in the Republican Primary to narrow the field for the general election. I understand that a lot of Democrats voted in the last Republican Primary for Trump, either because he was a better choice than Hillary, or because they thought he was the least threat to her in the general election. So, whether someone voted in the Republican Primary in Kerr County does not tell us anything about their liberal or conservative values. Kerrville has demonstrated itself to be a conservative community. Why then would a conservative vote for someone who does not represent their values?

This is a quote from an email newsletter sent by the Kerr County Democratic Party back in February: “As part of our effort to enhance the bright blue message in our community, we very much want to support solid, caring, professional candidates to the Kerrville City Council. As important as it was for Mayor Blackburn to see signs of support in Kerrville front yards, it is equally important to show our support for candidates that will help him get his agenda accomplished. Signs for Kim Clarkson and Gary Cochrane will be available at ...”

Why would Democrats want two more real estate-related candidates, who profess to be Republicans, on the city council to support the agenda of a mayor who once declared on Facebook; “I have never been a Republican?”

Values matter. Keep Kerrville red.

Bill Fitch, Kerrville

Editor’s note: When contacted by the Kerrville Daily Times for verification, a representative with the Kerr County Democrats confirmed that a newsletter with the above wording did go out. They also provided a second email, which stated that the first was sent prior to George Baroody or Mario Garcia having filed and that the first message was not intended as an endorsement. 


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