It was good to read on the project undertaken by KUTS as it will bring more people out and bolster the local businesses.

Lets take it one step further and turn our historic downtown into a pedestrian zone. This zone will go down Water Street from Texas Highway 16 down to Norte Dame Church and Earl Garrett from Water Street to Junction Highway.

The pedestrian ways could have benches, plants, kiosks and art work. The gazebo could be turned into a bandstand for outdoor concerts and plays with the parking lot (between the bank and the Schreiner One building) being turned into an amphitheater with an area for outdoor dances. Parking would be handled by the current parking tower and a second tower built on the site of the parking lot south of the Schreiner One building. 

This zone would be connected to the river trail and to the area proposed by KUTS so as to give our residents and visitors a seamless pedestrian experience through our city while enhancing the businesses in the area.

Tim O’Niell, Kerrville


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