With D.C. politics making headlines across the nation, it’s easy to get lost in the unending discussion about national politics. 

But what happens on Main Street is far likelier to have a direct impact on the daily life of the average Kerrville resident than the happenings at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 

Like they say: “All politics is local.”

Soon, Kerrville’s registered voters will have an opportunity to make their voices heard in a way that will have a real impact on their own community.    

But time is running out for eligible voters who haven’t yet registered — the last day to register for the May election is April 4. 

Kerrville’s next municipal election is slated for May 4. Up for grabs are two city council seats. Running for the Place 1 seat on council are current Place 2 Councilman George Baroody and Gary Cochrane. Kim Clarkson and Mario Garcia will vie for Place 2. 

Issues like the creation of Kerrville’s Economic Investment Corporation, the downtown Tax Incentive Reinvestment Zone, or TIRZ, and Kerrville Independent School District’s nearly $89 million bond will all affect Kerrville residents for decades to come. 

All three of those issues were either settled indirectly by voters (via a vote on city council, as with TIRZ) or directly by the voters themselves. 

And yet statewide and national races tend to see far higher turnout than local elections. That’s especially distressing here in Texas, where voter turnout in all races tends to lag far behind the national average. 

America’s constitutional republic isn’t the only form of democracy, but it’s proven to be the most stable and effective in the world. There’s a catch though — it doesn’t work very well without an informed and active electorate. 

Please make plans to exercise your right to vote. 

Visit co.kerr.tx.us/elections/ for more information, including a sample ballot. Residents can also call the Voter Registration Office at 830-792-2242 for additional information.

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