Kerrville is a community that is home to many wonderful organizations and a great number of truly dedicated and selfless people who work every day to provide some much-needed assistance both at home and abroad. 

Groups like Bread for Life, a missionary group based here in Kerrville that looks to provide for communities in West-Central Africa and operates Ray of Hope Academy, a school for Autistic and other special needs children. 

Or Peter and Teresa Cawthon of Impact Ministries, also based in Kerrville, whose mission has taken them to the southeastern Mexican state of Oaxaca for the past 18 years.  

But their work, and the work of hundreds of missions around the globe, are made possible in large part thanks to the remarkable efforts of the folks at Commission to Every Nation. 

For each missionary out in the world, there’s a host of people there to support them, from councilors to financial advisors, budgeting, security and support staff — all of whom deserve to be recognized for their efforts. 

CTEN serves roughly 760 missionaries in 63 nation, providing valuable administrative support to missions in nearly every corner of the world. 

And they do it from a little office on Jefferson Street, right here in the heart of the Hill Country. 

If missionaries could be likened to front-line troops, CTEN represents supply, transportation and logistics. 

Working behind the scenes, the Kerrville-based organization aids missionaries across the globe to carry out life-changing work. Operating as an inter-denominational co-operative, CTEN gladly assists missionaries and programs from a wide variety of churches, ensuring that those new to the call can find an established ministry to serve. 

For donors, CTEN ensures they can give secure in the knowledge their contributions are going where they belong — for 11 straight years, the group has earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigators, a feat only 1 percent of the organizations they rate have received.

These remarkable people — right here in our own community — have built an organization that, like a beating heart, helps pump life-giving material and spiritual assistance throughout the world. 

Those interested in their work can learn more by visiting or calling 830-896-8326. If you feel called to mission work, or want to support those who are, these are the folks who can help you accomplish your goals. 

Because the spirit of a community isn’t about geography, or economics or any other quantifiable metric. It’s not even regional — community transcends distance and the lines that laws and governments draw on maps. It’s about giving and service and volunteerism. 

And based on the efforts of CTEN and the missions they support, then Kerrville is truly blessed. 

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Thanks for the great report on the work of CTEN and our hardworking staff.

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