It’s hard to imagine Peterson Regional Medical Center without Patrick Murray’s warmth, smile, strength and grace under pressure.

But imagine it we must: Today is his final day as CEO of PRMC, culminating in an 11 a.m. farewell ceremony on the steps of the hospital to which he’s given so much of his time and talent. 

In March 1995, he was hired as the assistant administrator of then-Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital, and four years later was named CEO.

For 38 years — 24 of them with Peterson Health — Murray has served communities in varied locations, to include lower Alabama; Jackson, Tennessee; Lake Charles, Louisiana; Mineral Wells; north Dallas; and of course, Kerrville.

The most significant achievement of Murray’s career was the move from the old Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital building, built in 1949, to the medical center’s current location — a $100 million facility that opened in 2008.

He was also instrumental in the creation of the Peterson Ambulatory Care Center, shifting outpatient services outside a hospital setting and into a more comfortable and manageable environment — and Peterson Community Care, an off-site hospital-based community clinic.

Murray initiated a medical air transport service in 2000 and unveiled the $2.2 million-dollar Women’s Health Center in 2001. 

The following year, he led the opening of the Acute Rehabilitation Unit. 

In 2003, he widened Peterson Health’s service area to include Kerr, Kimble, Bandera and Real counties, and expanded secondary service areas to include Gillespie and Kendall counties. 

Under Murray, the Wound Care Center and Food and Nutritional Services Department have expanded, a new cardiac catheterization and interventional radiology lab inaugurated, and the Cailloux Professional Building opened.

As a result of Murray’s unique brand of servant-leadership, design and flow of patient care has improved, and PRMC now serves more than 100,000 patients a year, averaging 6,790 inpatient stays a year while offering outpatient surgery, specialty care, urgent care and an off-site lab in more than 12 buildings.

Murray has forged relationships within the Peterson community and created a culture of care and kindness.

He has stated that, after retirement, he plans to remain in Kerrville and spend more time with his wife, three daughters and five grandchildren — as well as spend more time traveling and pursuing his interests in music, theater and the arts.

But it’s no secret that Murray will be sorely missed as the patriarch of the Peterson family. 

While Murray leaves large and daunting shoes to fill, we are confident his successor, Cory Edmondson, who starts in his new role May 6, is up to the task. 

Beating out more than 250 other candidates for the position, Edmondson is the current senior vice president of Midland Memorial Hospital and has long experience with capital building projects, as well as the expansion of specialty groups and physician practices. 

Welcome, Cory Edmondson.

Thank you, Pat Murray.

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