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OK everyone in Kerrville, if you don’t like the way that the traffic lights are functioning, now is the time to let your voice be heard. We have Mayor Bill Blackburn’s support on this issue, but you need to call 830-257-8444 or 830-558-9368 to lodge your complaint.

Now, I know very few of you travel at night, because traffic in Kerrville, both vehicle and pedestrian traffic, drop way below the need for a traffic light system. Nevertheless, they still function and force drivers to needlessly hit their brakes for a red light and wait for that light to turn green; even when there is not another car in sight. All the while, they are needlessly polluting our environment, and that needs to stop; especially for 18-wheelers traveling down Sidney Baker from the I-10.

During these hours, we need the lights to switch to a flashing yellow light for major streets, and a flashing red light for minor streets that cross major streets. 

Of course, there will be a few exceptions, like where Kerrville’s actual Main Street crosses Sidney Baker. Because Sidney Baker is more heavily traveled at night, Main Street at that intersection should flash red and Sidney Baker should have the right of way with a flashing yellow light.

Please, unite together on this, and let’s limit pollution in Kerrville; even across the Lone Star State. 

Feel free to share this information.

Eric Reinholt, Kerrville


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