If you come to the Dietert Center or drive by this week, you will notice our new parking lot. As with all of us, sometimes we need a little maintenance and TLC. The first thing they did was clean every inch of each section, fill the cracks, spread out a new top layer, then finish off with the new white stripes and blue handicap signage. 

It made me think about what we do as we age, and it’s kind of like that parking lot. We are weathered and worn, but when we decide to dust ourselves off, fill those holes with new positive thoughts and ideas, get out there with a smile on our face and joy in our heart, we are then ready to go the extra miles. 

We also just had our roof replaced after 11 years of wear and a few leaks. Like the parking lot, we wouldn’t be very good if we didn’t have a good cover to protect us. You really can’t see where we updated the roof, but it is there to make sure this building stays strong for years to come. 

Through a generous grant from a local foundation and money from our building fund, we were able to complete this task. Good stewards of the Dietert Center started the building fund years ago, and it has helped us maintain the building with necessary repairs. 

Just like our building, we need to be good stewards of our bodies, minds and souls and assure that our foundation will stay strong and healthy. Whether it is our roof (head, mind, thoughts and decisions) or our parking lot (feet, legs, abilities and our get up and go), those foundations are what keep us going every day. 

Come join us at the Dietert Center for lunch or one of our many weekly activities, and we will help you keep those foundations strong and have some fun, fellowship and friendship at the same time. 

Club Ed has great classes that include Cute as a Button Cardmaking on Oct. 10, Instant Guitar for the Hopelessly Busy on Oct. 11, Instant Piano for the Hopelessly Busy on Oct. 11, Elder Law & Medicaid for LTC on Oct. 10, Medicare: What It’s All About on Oct. 14, Texas Hunter Education for two sessions beginning Oct. 12 and Winning the Self-Defense Encounter on Oct. 15.

The Dynamic Learning Institute has great seminars lined up this month, including Mooney Aviation on Oct. 15, How Texas Won the Civil War on Oct. 22, Geo-Politics: A Global Perspective on Oct. 24 and The Western Cattle Trail on Oct. 29. 

Please join us for “An Evening to Remember” on Nov. 9. This event will feature Don Irwin, internationally-renowned Steinway pianist, and will benefit our Dementia Care Advocates program and honor the memory of John Iman on his birthday. 

Iman was a great friend to Dementia Care Advocates, as he was instrumental in the founding of the program in honor of his late wife, Joan. 

Irwin became close friends with Iman and is honored to be in Kerrville to help celebrate his birthday and his legacy to our community. 

Irwin’s music ranges from the classics to show tunes and original compositions. While playing, he communicates the sentiments of his heart and tells the stories behind each selection. 

Irwin’s mother passed away from Alzheimer’s disease, so our DCA cause is close to his heart.

The event is at 7 p.m. Nov. 9 at the First United Methodist Church Sanctuary. 

For tickets and sponsorship information, contact Diane Asper or visit www.dietertcenter.org to reserve your spot.


Remember that anyone, of any age, can participate in classes or eat lunch at the center. 

If you are younger than 60 years of age, the price for lunch is $8, and if you are 60 or older, fill out a quick form for us and your meal is by donation ($4 is suggested). 

We will serve meatloaf today, chicken and dump-

lings on Thursday, hamburgers with the fixings on Friday, Italian pasta with meat sauce on Monday, beef tacos on Tuesday and chicken breast Florentine on Wednesday. Come join us.

If you have any questions or need additional information, give us a call at 830-792-4044.

Brenda Thompson is the executive director of the Dietert Center. She can be reached at 830-792-4044.


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