The next public hearing on the city of Kerrville’s Fiscal Year 2020 Proposed Budget will cap another arduous, eight-month budget-planning process by the city’s finance department, and demonstrates once again the city’s commitment to strong and transparent fiscal management. 

The FY20 Proposed Budget, which is available for review online at, was officially filed on July 31 and presented to the City Council on Aug. 13. The next public hearing on the budget will be on Sept. 10.

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very accurate post ok. I have read numerous articles about how tx. cuts a lot of slack to wealthy home owners by appraising their home far below market value, but they put it to the average working stiff. but this is the way it has always been and probably always will be. not too different from Murr's proposal to steeply cut taxes on big land holders, and make up for it by increasing the sales tax. just more giveaway to those that have while sticking it to those that dont. gene

robert white

City Manager McDaniel forgot to mention in his financial spin on the wonderful financial condition of Kerrville that it all started with a bait & switch property tax scheme. This year KCAD conducted a blanket assessment increase on most of the city's lower valued homes & lots. What does that mean? House lot values were increased by a simple blanket computer click which raised older home lots taxable value, mostly inhabited by the low wage working class folks, by as much as 200 per cent. Why is that so bad? Because it affected rentals properties which passed the higher valuation on to renters with higher rents. It also affects people living on fixed income who now have an increase property tax without any increase value of their home. A blanket raise of property tax on the poor while many Comanche Trace residence received a decrease in property valuation just doesn't quite sound right. So the blunt of the wonderful City financial condition is passed on to the citizens who can't afford it while the spin comes out of City Hall. This is a good time for the recall of a council that allowed this to take place.

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