Feb. 18, 2020 comcourt

Kerr County Commissioners discuss matters during their Tuesday morning meeting at the Kerr County Courthouse. From left to right on the dias are commissioners Harley Belew and Tom Moser; county judge Rob Kelly; and commissioners Jonathan Letz and Don Harris. 

Times Editorial Board

Kerr County Commissioner Harley David Belew wants it both ways as an elected official and as a media personality.

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Douglas Williams

I've actually read this three times. I wanted to make sure I was in full comprehension of the authors opinions. Finally I understood. Calls of the Media being leftist are coming home. No, you fully have the right to your opinions, but when the Media turns to passing judgement on elected officials... that's too much!

In the future I suggest you report the news and let the voters cast the opinions at the polls.

My opinion; what happened to Mr. Floyd was a travesty. But for society to paint him as a national hero was the point trying to be made by the Commissioner.

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