There is a cadre of people who are fixated on a number when it comes to the proposed Vintage Heights development for Kerrville — $46,000 and some change. 

That’s the median household income in Kerrville. The figure was presented to the Kerrville City Council last year by a consultant, who was gleaning information from the publicly available American Community Survey produced by the U.S. Census Bureau.

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George Baroody

Another problem with the logic, or lack thereof, within this opinion is the nature of the need. We have been told two main things by the COK. On the one hand, they say we need housing in order to attract new jobs, the old build it and they will come' theory. Unfortunately there is no data anywhere to defend that jobs follow housing yet there is data showing that housing follows jobs. But even if they had that right, is it proper to utilize public funds to speculate on jobs that have no guarantee of coming?

The other scenario that the has been hypothesized by the CIty is that jobs are committed already and we need housing for the new employees. This is actually accurate as we are aware of some job growth committed to at the State Hospital. However, again, if the jobs are already coming then a captive market already exists for a developer to do analysis of the salaries coming and build homes accordingly to fit that need. No further financial incentives are required or appropriate.

Long story short, we can all agree that we desire and even need more housing however in this particular market segment, there is no reason for subsidy.

George Baroody

This opinion actually misses a couple of salient points. If City of Kerrville is the lone ranger with incentives, then why are we concerning ourselves with median household income in Kerr County? I have heard all the theoretical reasonings, but Council is answerable to COK, and current data for COK is as presented, $46K.

Next, the opnion throws out some statements about incomes of working families being $60K and $80K, but provided no data to support the claim.

Lastly, I have seen the quote from Kerrville United, unfortunately it is factually incorrect and KDT should have checked before reprinting it. The term 'workforce housing' is NOT defined by TDHCA. The term is generically accepted to be housing that has costs no more than 30% of gross income for households with income between 80% an 120% of the median within boundaried area being considered. In other words, the workforce housing inventory for COK would be based on median household income of COK.

The City arbitrarily chose to use the median household income for Kerr County that is reported by TDHCA and is utilized in its state funded subsidized housing grant program (HOME).

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