Today’s issue (Tuesday, July 13) of The Kerrville Daily Times has solidified my opinion that the cancel culture has come to Kerrville. A few months ago, when the Arcadia Live theater (on Water Street) was finished with remodeling, the decision was made to place the lighted historic sign on the back of the building. It was replaced by an imitation of the original sign on the front. I don’t know why this decision was made, but in doing so, it is no longer a historic movie theater. To be historic, everything has to be placed in its original location, not in another location, where no one sees it unless they are looking for it.

In today’s edition of The Times, there’s an article about replacing the historic bricks along Main Street. A suggestion was to remove them and store them for “safe keeping.” Just where would that be? And for how long? Why not remove the bricks, repair the area and place the bricks back in the sidewalk? But, no, we can’t do that.

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