In recent weeks, The Kerrville Daily Times has been asking a series of questions on Facebook, which now offers the ability to do a simple poll inside a post. While these polls are clearly not scientific, they are interesting because you can see how Facebook users vote on a specific topic. 

We’ve also used these to illustrate sentiment around topics we’re covering in the newspaper, and you may have seen these represented as pie charts. The questions have ranged from property lot sizes to breastfeeding. 

When it comes to engagement, Tuesday’s story about breastfeeding was one of our most involved on Facebook with more than 100 comments and 428 votes — of which, 90% said it was OK to breastfeed a child in public. 

The comments — not the votes themselves — made it clear that opinions on the topic are varied and far more nuanced than simple yes or no answers. 

The story generated plenty of discussion in the form of comments online and in person. The comments online ranged from it’s OK but be modest, to others saying they weren’t going to be told how to feed their child. Texas state law does protect breastfeeding moms, but it’s still a hot source of debate about appropriateness.

One woman asked us if that was really the best use of our space and the most newsworthy story of the day? Our response is simple: Here are women from the Hill Country, including two who called Kerrville home, wanting to normalize breastfeeding in public, and taking public action to promote their cause. That’s interesting, and the widespread feedback from readers we received suggests it’s a topic of significant interest among those who live here. If readers are interested and care about a topic, we should review it. 

Louis Amestoy is managing editor of The Kerrville Daily Times.


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Mary Lou Shelton

breast feeding in public was fairly common when I was growing up in the Deep South in the 40s and 50s. women would even breast feed on public busses. it was always discrete, and nobody really paid much attention. if you can walk down the street with an ak47 or an ar15 type weapon slung over your shoulder, then women should certainly be allowed to breastfeed. we live in a really screwed up world. gene


How does one even compare breastfeeding and carrying a firearm?

Mary Lou Shelton

well, you never know rb, those breasts might be loaded. gene

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