Hypocrisy is rampant in a society that doesn’t value life, where people are not held accountable

So now there have been more mass shootings, the killing of innocent lives—two deadly incidents within 24 hours. And people are going nuts, screaming about guns and gun laws—they are even blaming the president.

Do you see a common theme here? Nobody is held accountable anymore. 

So these last two shooters have probably never been held accountable for anything in their lives (like how most kids seem to grow up these days) and now, after these horrible crimes, in which THEY are the ones responsible, they are STILL not held accountable! Everything and everyone is to blame except the actual killers.

Yes, mental illness must play a part in this, as ‘normal’ people do not engage in such atrocities.

Can you imagine being so evil as to indiscriminately kill lots of people — innocent people who have done nothing to deserve such a fate?

Oh wait — isn’t that what abortion is? The indiscriminate killing of innocent life?

These days, they are even killing babies right after birth! Who is next — the elderly, the handicapped and the poor? Probably!

Look folks, we can’t have it both ways. We are either going to be a society that values life — all life — or a society who doesn’t. Isn’t it just a tad hypocritical to be fighting for the ‘right’ to kill an innocent unborn baby but then screaming about these mass shootings?

But then, hypocrisy is a way of life now here in America! They call it “progressive.” 


Cynthia McBride, Mountain Home


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Mary Lou Shelton

normal people dont spew hate all the time, nor do they think they can mind read. amazing how you know those two guys never did anything productive in their life. you must have missed the article in the paper discussing mass shootings. normal people look up information and don't confuse their opinion with fact. gene


Oh, come on, Gene. You do it all the time....

Mary Lou Shelton

no I don't arm. I post information. I know in your world, those who dare to disagree must be full of hate-as you are, but I have never posted a hateful remark. i have yet to call a reader a fascist (yet you and others spew out American haters, communists, socialists etc), I dont demean the younger generation as being somehow lesser than mine, and I have never called anyone a racist or white nationalist, etc. I can't actually think of anyone that I do hate or have ever hated. I guess the best thing to describe my feelings is a mixture of horror and amazement that so many people cannot (or will not) look up information, cannot engage in logical reasoning, will let hate and fear fester and grow within themselves, etc. I admit it is is hard not to mock and deride some of the insane and illogical stuff that gets written and posted, and in the past I have mocked, particularly those who think that more guns mean less death. and lets dont leave out those who think their opinion is actually a fact, and that if you disagree with any single point, then you are the enemy. if you think this is hate, then fine. but once again, you demonstrate that you really have no clue about most things because you simply dont seek out any contradictory information to what you already believe. yes, the true mind of a steel trap. there is apparently a large local contingent. perhaps y'all should start a club. gene

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