We must stop being Democrats or Republicans; we must go back to being Americans, first and foremost, now before it is too late.

Our beloved country is being attacked from within by incompetent leadership, corrupt, self-serving organizations, and seemingly indifferent citizenry. I have been around since World War II, when my father served in the South Pacific and my uncle served in Germany, and I can recall a fierce pride and patriotism among the people that just does not seem to exist today. We cannot afford to be indifferent.

A number of years ago, while on a state visit to the USA, Russian leader Nikita Kruschev said that “Russia needs not be concerned about USA power, because America will crumble from within.” It’s happening. Americans everywhere must take an active interest in maintaining the political strength of our country and work together to do so on all levels.

Keep in touch with your state and local representatives and let them be aware of your pride and faith in our country and work to keep her strong. Political fiddling around and squabbling over really unimportant matters will not get the job done. Get serious.

Elsa R. Henning, Kerrville


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Thank you for the thoughtful letter.

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